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Build Trustworthy AI with PAM - Monitor Bias & Reliability in GenAI

Ensure transparency, consistency and fairness in your AI systems with our innovative socio-technical evaluation model.

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Identify Bias and Improve AI Reliability

Traditional bias detection methods are limited, relying solely on statistical approaches. These methods often miss the nuanced human and systemic biases affecting AI outputs. PAM revolutionises this process by adding contextual layers to bias detection, ensuring a more comprehensive understanding of AI performance and the ability to monitor output reliability.

Achieve Fairness and Reliability in your AI


Unlock the full potential of Your AI Systems with Enhanced Fairness, Continuous Monitoring, and Improved Decision-Making.

Build Trustworthy AI Systems

PAM enhances the fairness of AI systems by identifying a broader spectrum of biases, ensuring compliance with regulations such as the EU AI Act. This results in more equitable and transparent AI applications.

Mitigate Risks and Improve Decision-Making

PAM addresses the black-box effect, providing deep insights into AI decision-making processes. This risk mitigation leads to better decision-making and a significant reduction in detected biases across multiple AI applications.

Automate Monitoring and Save Time

By automating the bias detection and monitoring process, PAM reduces the need for manual testing, saving valuable time for your tech teams. Continuous evaluation ensures consistent performance and reliability of AI systems over time. 

Quantifiable ROI

Organisations using PAM see demonstrable improvements in compliance and fairness, enhancing the overall reliability and trustworthiness of their AI systems. This translates into a tangible return on investment through improved performance and reduced risks.


The EU AI Act is coming! 

The European Union is set to introduce new legislation governing the use of AI. The AI Act is designed to promote transparency, safety, and accountability in the use of AI. As a business, it's important to comply with these regulations to avoid penalties and ensure ethical AI practices. Our platform can help you stay up-to-date with the latest compliance requirements and ensure your AI systems are transparent and safe.


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  • Policies and Procedures matrix

  • Applicability for High-Risk, Limited-Risk and Low-Risk AI Systems 

  • Cross-references to ISO27001 controls and GDPR articles.

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