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Get your free EU AI Act Risk Category Assessment 

Know your AI risk-level categorisation and accompanying compliance requirements according to the EU Artificial Intelligence Act. 

The EU Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act) is coming

The EU AI Act is a comprehensive law that regulates the use of AI systems in Europe. It is expected that it will take effect by the end of 2023, early 2024. Requirements to comply are broad and are likely to have a big impact on AI companies, with estimated compliance costs for startups being around €300,000 and timeline to implement 6-12 months.

AI Risk Pyramid 2.png

Why is your AI System Risk Category important?

Knowing your risk category means knowing the scope of your compliance requirements with the EU AI Act. 

The EU AI Act is taking a risk-based approach to define the criteria that must be in place and be implemented by an AI company in order to operate in Europe.

Minimial Risk AI companies can freely operate in Europe with no additional obligations, whereas High Risk AI companies need to go through a Conformity Assessment and obtain a CE mark. Without it, you cannot operate in Europe.

Our EU AI Act Risk Category Assessment consists of a set of questions to assess whether an AI system is considered

  • Minimal Risk

  • Limited Risk

  • High Risk

  • Unacceptable Risk

Based on the responses of the assessment, you get a detailed report on your AI System risk category within 24h. 

How it works

Get your free AI Risk Category Assessment within 24h in 3 simple steps.


You fill out the Assessment

Enter your details and get started right away. Fill out the EU AI Act Risk Category Assessment to the best of your knowledge, this will take about 5 to 7 minutes.


Our experts do the Analysis

Using our scorecard, your responses are automatically assessed and rated. We have one of our AI Compliance Experts review the result within 24h.


Check your inbox!

Once the report is ready, we send you an email with a link to your free EU AI Act Risk Category Assessment.

Get your free AI Risk Category Risk Assessment

Click the big red button below and follow the steps.
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